Bus The Unknown Secretary & Obsidian Sea live

☛ Λίγα Λόγια: Η Bullet Productions και το Rocka Rolla παρουσιαζουν με περηφανια ενα πολυ δυνατο double bill με τους Ελληνες Bus the unknown secretary και τους Βουλγαρους Obsidian Sea ( 3 χρονια μετα τη τελευταια sold out εμφανιση τους στον ιδιο χωρο) στα πλαισια της Ευρωπαικης περιοδειας των 2 συγκροτηματων. Οποιος αγαπαει τα τεραστια, αργοσυρτα riff, τη κληρονομια των black sabbath και το doom metal δεν πρεπει να χασει αυτο το live !

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Τα συγκροτήματα

is a doom metal band formed in the beginning of 2009 in Sofia, Bulgaria finding inspiration in otherworldly experiences, myths and the hidden corners of the psyche and imagination in contrast to the shallow and cold world we live in.Initially the band consisted of only two members: Anton Avramov (guitars, bass & vocals) and the drummer Bozhidar Parvanov. In this line-up a 4-song demo was recorded in 2010 and then the first full-length album “Between Two Deserts” (released in 2012 by Solitude Productions).By the end of 2012 Obsidian Sea became a trio with the addition of Ivaylo Dobrev on bass and played their first live show in their hometown.
More concerts followed, including appearances with bands such as Ufomammut, 1000mods and also local ones Upyr, Sativa, Muddy, Trysth, The Lost Underdogs etc. contributing to the development of a small but promising doom-stoner-sludge scene in Bulgaria.The second Obsidian Sea album named “Dreams, Illusions, Obsessions” was recorded in spring – autumn 2014 and released by the band themselves as a CD (limited to 500 copies) and in cassette format by Serpent Eve Records (Bulgaria).The year of 2016 brought a line-up change – Ivaylo Dobrev was replaced on bass by Delyan Karaivanov (previously in Center, Upyr).In March 2016 “Dreams, Illusions, Obsessions” was repressed on vinyl and CD by “Nuclear War Now! Productions” (USA) and is now available.The band’s third album “Strangers” is due to be released on March 22 by “Ripple Music” (USA)

is a four-piece Heavy Rock n’ Roll band hailing from Athens, Greece, simply known as BUS. (Initials: B for Bus, U for Unknown and S for Secretary).influenced by the 60s-70s-80s and 90s tunes like: The Beatles, Alice Cooper, Sex Pistols, Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, Entombed, Nirvana and many more. BUS formed in Athens in 2011, releasing two EPs and a full length “The Impious Tapes” followed by “The Cross” EP (2014), and “The Unknown Secretary” LP in 2016. In October 2018 BUS signed with california’s record label RidingEasy Records for their second full length “Never Decide” which came out in 1st of March 2019.
During that time the band has toured extensively throughout Greece and in neighboring nations. The release of Never Decide will see them expanding that touring radius considerably.

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Σεπ 21 2020




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